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Information about, an independent marketing and advertising firm with a global reach, centered on the online casino gaming industry.

We thoroughly monitor our associated clients through careful investigation of their financial, legal and ethical standards when it comes to dealing with casino customers.

There are already thousands of Internet casinos online, and many are nothing more than scamsters out for a quick buck at the expense of unknowing clients.

While we have no legal affiliation with any of our client operators, we can vouch for their honesty and record of prompt payouts to past customers. Until we learn otherwise, we will continue to endorse their operations, where legal, on our web site.

NO GAMBLING IS CONDUCTED FROM THIS WEB SITE! When a link is clicked, the visitor is immediately transported to a host country where the virtual operators are licensed to do business with International clients. Vegas-Valley does not track site visitors and no "cookies" are planted into the browsers of our guests.

HOWEVER Should you elect to do business with any online casino, anywhere, be advised that your email address will be captured and you will most likely be the future recipient of email offerings. Most such email offers will give you an option to "unsubscribe" from future mailings. That will, of course, be entirely up to you.

First of all, there is the general psychology of society and how people are changing long held attitudes. Gambling has increased in popularity in good part because it is no longer perceived as terribly immoral - even the government has given its stamp of approval. Since you are, in effect, looking through a societal view of gambling as an acceptable form of entertainment, it is becoming easier to let your guard down. It is just an acceptable, harmless way to have some fun.

This is fine, as long as you either have inexhaustible funds to throw away or you can keep enough control to spend no more than you can afford to lose. But if you want to make your visits PAY, then you must change the way you look at gaming. To make it pay you must look at the casino as your adversary. Now, that is not to say it can not be fun - after all, would you not rather it be more fun to walk away from your adversary with enough bucks in your pocket and a smile on your face, than it is to walk away from your new found friend with empty pockets?

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