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It seems as if progressive slot machine jackpots are every casino players' dream. The big money jackpots are actually elusive but the thought of winning those overflowing cash jackpots, that are continually increasing, is enough to convince any casino player to try out the progressive casino slots games. Even as progressives continue to evade giving up their bountiful jackpots, no one has ever said that these instant fortune makers should be avoided. Progressive jackpots are simply too lucrative to ignore.

Let us first understand the basics. Progressive slots are those machines which are linked together. All bets placed into all the machines contribute to a single jackpot, which, of course, becomes quite hefty over time. As more people play progressive games, the growing jackpot also becomes larger, but the odds of winning it also lessen. And as most progressive machines announce the ever increasing jackpot, right above the reels, players are continuously seduced and lured into "just one more spin".

There are many different kinds of progressive slot games. The first type is the stand-alone progressive slots machine. As the name suggests, the stand-alone progressives are not connected to any other slot machines. The major difference here is that the jackpot increases with every bet that is made. The amount of the jackpot is based on a percentage of the coins that you play. Aside from stand-alone progressives, there are also in-house progressives. In-house progressive slots machines include every game machine inside a particular casino. These are all linked together and contribute to a single jackpot.

All those playing at the progressives in that particular casino are competing for one growing larger every second, and greatly tempting, jackpot. However, this type of progressive may also be called proprietary progressives. These are slot machines that are all operated by one casino operator but not necessarily within a single casino.

The last kind of progressive is called wide area progressives, which are slots machines located in several different casinos, owned by different casino operators. Because there is a greater number of game machines, and players contributing to it, jackpots on these wide-area progressives are considerably larger. Progressive jackpots of the wide-area kind are usually the "to die for" kind. These are the jackpot fortunes that can make the winner a multimillionaire. These are the life changing jackpots that can make you forget all about yesterday.

There is a large number of casino slots progressive games online. There are slots games such as Quartermania. All online casinos offer progressive games because they pull in more players. Many punters are not deterred by the small chance of winning. Although progressives require maximum bets, a lot of casino veterans are savvy and often give advice on how to increase your chances for winning.

Since there are many different kinds of progressive games, choosing which one to play is most important. If you choose to play online, then you definitely have plenty of choices to make. Remember this: if you ever win anything big, make sure to walk away with it. Donít put it back into the machine with hopes of getting back a larger amount. Chances are greater that the slots machine will stop spitting it out for awhile.

Progressive casino slots can be very risky. The risk is much higher because maximum bets are required. However, many people searching for the best rated casinos will succumb to tempting progressive jackpots. All punters recognize there is no great reward without risk. The higher the risk, the higher the jackpot will be when you hit.

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